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dearjapan's Journal

Oh, dear Japan...
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A comm about Japan's most stupid music videos ever
Welcome here. If you're sometimes afraid about Japan, this comm is not for you.

Because we're going to talk a LOT about Japan. Especially about Japan doing what they do the best : Going crazy.

But only with music videos. Music is in everyone's life, and you need to laugh. I hope you'll join the party. Funny videos aren't funny anymore when noone's laughing at them.


1 : Hey man, chill out. It's only a dude in girl's clothes. Nothing to make a fuss about it.
2 : I love Yazima Beauty Salon. No Really, I LOVE them. I can't stop talking about them =/
3 : If you find something that may interest me POST IT. NAO.
4 : But I'll repost it only if I like it. Sorry, I can't find something funny if I don't like it. I can make exceptions.
5 : If you see one Deleted video, say it, please.
6 : That's all. Have fun, guys =D