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If you hate pink, don't watch this XD

Artist : Riki
Title : Love Machine

It's a cover of a famous sonf of Morning Musume, but it's great to see everyone with regents 8D
Oh wow.

Atist : Yuzu
Title : Ichigo

I want one of those strawberry outfits XD
I know it's not japanese, but since it's one of my favs I post i anyway... x)

Artist : Crazy Banana Girls
Title : Crazy Banana

I know you'll love it.
Two members from the band Psycho le Cému...

Artist : Dacco
Title : Ato ito uto eto otomodachi

About animals of the chinese zodiac... Yeah.
Let's start with one of my favorites.

Artist : Coricori

I bet this song will be stuck in your head for DAYS.
Hi. This comm is about laughing at Japan's music videos.

We're all doing that since we're all wapanese (DON'T DENY IT, I KNOW IT.). But I have a great collection of this kind of videos, I think that could interest you =D

So yeah, For all of you, I have a poll. Vote only if it deeply matter to you, because it's about spam on you f-list.

Poll #1557721 Spamspamspamspam

You'd like me to post AWESOME videos...

Once a week would be nice =D
Everytime you find something cool
Once a month is enough

I have enough videos for all the answers, don't worry about that. I even have a video per day for at least two months XD

That's all. Enjoy \o/